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We recently hosted an evening candidates forum for Franklin County Assistant Judge Candidates and are proud to have participated in the 150th Commemoration of the St. Albans Raid by presenting two performances reenacting the extradition hearings which took place in 1864 and 1865 in Montreal, Canada.  These hearings determined whether the St. Albans “Raiders” were to be returned to the United States to stand trial for their alleged crimes or if they were exempt from extradition as lawful war combatants.  We performed to two standing-room-only crowds and were happy to provide context for the legal implications of this important piece of local history.


We will next be embarking on a new scholarship project with local high school students.  This project will be known as “Leave More Than You Take” and will award scholarships to high school students who design and implement a project in their community which best furthers civics, citizenship and community service.   This program is designed to reward selflessness, contributions to the greater good and furthering the awareness that we have a collective responsibility to one another and our communities.  We are excited to begin work on this initiative in the coming months.  

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